Volunteering & Kindness: A Month of Love

Hey there, love bugs! February is all about spreading love, and what better way to do it than through acts of kindness?  Recently, I took a break from EarthKind to go on a meaningful sabbatical journey to Israel.  After shocking attacks devastated farmers and communities, I felt obliged to lend a helping hand.  As a farmer myself, using ingredients grown on family farms, I knew the importance of standing by my fellow farmers. Kari Warberg Block stepping down from a tractor.

Regardless of political opinions or religious affiliations, I was compelled by a genuine desire to support Israel, long-time friends to the world and a source of innovations crucial to EarthKind’s success. Innovations like drip irrigation, precision agriculture, wastewater recycling, bio-fertilizing and controls are used by farmers who grow our world’s food, as well as farmers who grow the botanical ingredients for our products at EarthKind.

While I was in Israel, The Times of Israel joined me as I discovered a world filled with new and interesting things.  For example, the principles of eco-friendly living are deeply embedded as a part of their culture.   Secondly, barn owls are being housed in condo developments to control rodents on farms, which is improving crop yields, reducing costs, and eliminating 90% of farmer’s dependance on rodenticides. It can’t be a coincidence that these owls’ faces are even shaped like hearts, can it? Thirdly, Israel’s dedication to volunteering left a lasting impression.  With many members of the population soldiering, households across the country are finding ways to support families of local soldiers and local businesses.  Many schools are now taking 1 day per week to help farmers finish harvest.  In total, I was told this represents 80% of the population that are actively volunteering.

Cute barn owls in Israel

Kindness extended isn’t just a feel-good emotion; studies from The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley have solidified its status as a force to be reckoned with across well-being, impact on society, and living a meaningful life.  Science backs what we’ve always known in our hearts; kindness can create ripples that impact the world. The people of Israel have a practice of seeking ‘signs’ of God’s presence throughout each day, which aligns greatly with my belief in the transformative power of kindness in action.  Each act, big or small, fills my cup and fuels my unstoppable pursuit of positive change.  Granted, not everyone enjoys the positive feedback loops of kindness, but I sure do.

Now is the time to harness this force for good and keep the embers of compassion glowing.  If you’re moved to help the farmers of Israel, like I was, consider donating to my ReGrow Israel campaign. Reach out to me after you’ve done so and I’ll send you a signed copy of my book.

Spread kindness, embrace empathy, and have a fantastic month of love!

Much Love,

Kari, Chief Love Bug at EarthKind

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