A Month of Reflection and Celebration: Embracing March’s Special Days with Kindness

March is a month sprouting with moments that call for reflection, celebration, and action. Each year, as the CEO of EarthKind and a fierce champion for harmony between humanity and nature, I find both personal and professional pleasure in several days celebrated throughout this month. This March, I’m committing to experiencing each of these days in a way that’s more meaningful than before, and in a way that aligns with the values we cherish at EarthKind.

March 1:  Employee Appreciation Day is more than a mere acknowledgment for us at EarthKind; it’s a celebration of the heart and soul of our company. Our team, with their dedication and passion, are the true force behind the kindness that drives our mission. This year, we took a step further to show our gratitude, not just through words, but with an old fashioned ice cream social, and a 401K program. From EAP wellness programs to initiatives encouraging professional growth and environmental stewardship, we’re committed to ensuring our team feels valued every day.

March 3:  On World Wildlife Day, our focus sharpened on the critical need for biodiversity and the role birds of prey play in maintaining ecological balance. Our work with biopesticides is a testament to our belief in coexistence and sustainable solutions. This month, I learned I’ll be joining one of the nation’s largest conservation non-profits, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to work with over 100 conservation groups nationwide! We’ll also start planning our annual #KindKids day that supports wildlife conservation projects, and lastly, I’ll be sharing the barn owl work of my friend Dr Yoshi Leshem on LinkedIn. Dr Leshem’s work has reduced rodenticide use by 90% on 400 farms in the Middle East, saving wildlife and helping farms prosper.

March 8:  This International Women’s Day, I’m taking a moment to celebrate the incredible contributions of women entrepreneurs I admire. It’s a day to honor the trailblazing women who have used their voices, and gone against all odds, to change the world in some way. In recognition of this important day, I am excited to share with you a carefully curated stack of life-impacting books written by amazing women, many I call friends. These selections are not just books; they are journeys into the hearts and minds of women who have made their mark on the business world, and many are best-selling authors.

March 19:  Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation, and what better way to welcome this season than by embracing a lifestyle that is kind, easy, and affordable, while also being pest-free and toxin-free? As the first day of spring unfolds, my EarthKind peeps are thrilled to offer a spring-cleaning cheat sheet filled with free tips to help fill your home with harmony. Our commitment to promoting a healthy, sustainable lifestyle drives us to share knowledge that can make a significant difference in your daily living. Sign up here for the EarthKind newsletter.

March 21:  Forests are the lungs of our planet, and on World Forest Day, EarthKind renews its commitment to forest conservation. This year, we’re partnering with 2 Jewish organizations to plant trees in our customers names with every purchase of our new Amazon exclusive. Our products, inspired by nature’s wisdom, remind us daily of the forests’ invaluable contributions to life on Earth. We’re also encouraging our employees and community to participate in tree-planting events, highlighting the critical role forests play in sustaining life.

March 21:  Poetry has the power to move hearts, and on World Poetry Day, we’re celebrating the natural world through verse. I will be sharing some of my own poems inspired by nature, and I invite our EarthKind family and friends to share theirs. Poetry is a beautiful way to express our love for the planet and to remind us of the beauty that surrounds us, urging us to protect and cherish it.

Have a fantastic March my fellow Love bugs. As always, I love to read your comments, and so do others.

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