Celebrating Nature and World Poetry Day

In celebration of National Poetry Day, the EarthKind team took a few minutes to tap into their inner bards, crafting verses for this special day, and week when Spring starts. Here’s my take:

By:  Kari Warberg Block

In every Spring bloom, I hear a whisper,
A call to guard this planets sweet song.
Unstoppable, this love bug must be,
protecting the tiny wings that keep the circle of life free.

The poetic outpouring from our employees has been nothing short of inspirational, culminating in a company-wide vote to honor the most compelling composition. It brings us immense joy to announce that Sandra’s poem has blossomed to the top, earning her a high accolades and a special prize.

Beautiful nature
By:  Sandra Arana

At the end of winter,
I listen with pleasure to the whisper of the wind,
Carrying with it the small dry leaves fallen from the trees,
That turned into dark brown,
Inspiring us at the beginning of the wonderful spring full of diversity of colors.
Reflecting in our eyes the joy and gratitude towards that creator of so much wonder.

I loved so much to see pollinators included in many of them!

Bees Knees
By:  Kellie Young

Nature, Nature, Nature
Everywhere we go
From trees to bees
Begging on their knees.
Please keep us safe,
Out of harm’s way
By using an EarthKind pouch
To provide them a better day.

Poetry has the power to move hearts through verse.

EarthKind Haiku
By:  Brocke

I love all of you,
Hence why I wrote this haiku,
So many to choose,
Small Caterpillars,
Stationary Chrysalides,
Soaring Butterflies,
So be introduced,
To what had all of us moved,
Their name, simply, “Swoosh”,
T’was one of a kind,
Truly, an amazing find,
Quite the butterfly,
Then fear struck our face,
We began picking up the pace,
And we saw him there,
Face buried in dirt,
We felt real amazing grace,
May your soul find peace.

Poetry is a beautiful way to express our love for the planet and to remind us of the beauty that surrounds us.

By: Paula Lynne
So beautiful to refresh the soul in this place.
To breathe in the fresh air and feel the sunshine on my face.
To hear the water flowing in the creek,
To see the blues and greens all around me as I seek.
To enjoy the water so crystal clear.
And to see all the squirrels scurrying near.
To slow down and rest, to sit in the serenity of the creation I see.
To feel the peace and joy within me bubbling like the creek in front of me.
Watching the leaf flow in the water, taking
Unexpected paths but never striving.
Then finding rest against the Rock. After a little rest it
Starts its journey again…thriving.
Looking at all the bare trees patiently waiting for new
Life to bud and spring forth.
So my soul patiently waits for what’s ahead of me…
My true north.

May these poems inspire you to find even more beauty in the natural world around us, fueling an ongoing desire to protect and cherish it.

Group of EarthKind employees

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