A Story of Purpose-Driven Change through Business illustrates the importance of value-based decision making as the foundation of conscious leadership and it demonstrates how navigating obstacles from a place of personal beliefs and strong morals can lead to businesses, and lives, that are filled with prosperous financial growth, greater social impact, and deep personal fulfillment.

– Conscious Capitalism Press

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“Little did I know that my earliest experiences would have a profound effect on my future and the life I live today. I had no idea that a shampoo commercial would awaken an environmentally conscious beast within my soul. I had no idea my upbringing would foster such a strong streak of independence (and later translate into invaluable leadership skills). I never knew my ability to “march to the beat of my own drum” would later be seen as an inspiration and desirable trait among women in business. Above all, I could have never predicted my trust in the environment to provide me with solutions to any problem I faced and would eventually lead me down a path to starting and running a multimillion-dollar pest control product line. Mother Nature is certainly full of gifts, isn’t she?”

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As someone who never really fit in, I guess it was inevitable that I would turn to entrepre-neurship, although I never realized at the time what that meant. I just needed to make money to keep the family and farm together.

I decided to write my first book to help aspiring young entrepreneurs take that leap of faith, to have faith in themselves, faith that there is something out there for them… bigger than they could ever imagine … their life purpose, their social purpose.

“Sometimes we have no control where we are planted. We just have to look around, see what resources we can use in the moment, and flourish against all odds.”

It really is all about discerning a clear direction to take that will align their work and with opportunities for achievement that serves the world in a meaningful way.