Kindness Starts at Home: Embracing EarthKind Living This April

As spring breathes new life into the world around us, I’m reminded of a simple yet profound truth: kindness truly starts at home. This April, I invite you to join me on a journey—a journey that begins in the heart of our homes and extends to the world outside. As the CEO of EarthKind and a passionate advocate for natural, sustainable living, I’ve learned that our choices at home have the power to transform our whole outlook on life, our communities, and the planet.

Week 1: I’ll be holding your hand, taking larger and larger steps into embracing my inner eco-warrior. Will you join me?

Our journey begins with a commitment to audit our homes. This week, I challenge you to look at the products under your sink, in your garden shed, and around your home. Are they contributing to a healthier home, and planet? Together, let’s explore eco-friendly alternatives that don’t compromise on effectiveness. I’ll share with you some of my favorite hacks and sustainable swaps that have made a significant difference in my life. It’s easier, and more rewarding than you may think, to make your home a bastion of eco-consciousness.

Week 2: We’ll focus on pollinators at the palace.

Woman wearing sunglassesOur homes are castles, and every castle has its gardens. This week is dedicated to the hardest working heroes of our ecosystems: pollinators. From bees to butterflies, these vital creatures enrich our lives, pollinating the foods we eat and the flowers we enjoy. I’ll guide you through creating a pollinator-friendly garden, regardless of the size of your outdoor space. We’ll delve into the importance of native plants and how simple choices can make our homes a haven for these essential beings.

Week 3: EarthKind Living: Celebrating Earth Day Every Day

In the third week of April, we celebrate Earth Day—a day that holds special significance for me, as it marks the birth of EarthKind. This week, I want to share the story of our journey and the mission that drives us. But more importantly, I want to hear your stories. How do you celebrate Earth Day every day in your home and community? Together, let’s commit to new sustainable habits, reinforcing the idea that every day is an opportunity to honor our planet.

Week 4: The Home CEO: Leading with Love and Logic

As we close our April journey, I encourage you to step into the role of CEO of your home environment. This means making informed, ethical decisions about the products you buy and the companies you support. It’s about leading with love—for our families, our communities, and our planet. This week, we’ll explore how to vet eco-friendly products and identify retailers that align with our values of kindness and sustainability.

Throughout this journey, I hope to inspire you to make changes that resonate within your home and ripple out into the world. By starting with kindness at home, we have the power to cultivate a healthier, more sustainable, and more compassionate planet. Join me this April as we embrace the power of kinder living, one pest-free space at a time. Together, we can make a difference.

Love Life, Live Kind,



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