kari warberg standing in front of lake with her kids and dogs

Kari Warberg Block has always been a fierce protector – first as a mother and farmer, and now as an inventor, entrepreneur and grandmother. Drawing her inspiration from nature, she grew up understanding and respecting the delicate balance of our precious ecosystem and that is always top of mind as she builds the purpose driven EarthKind brand in harmony with the earth and all living things.

Leading with purpose

Believing that building entrepreneurial ecosystems is just like the way nature and all living systems evolve, Kari puts that into practice as she nurtures her teams from the bottom up.

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"Humans are not machines, none of it is hierarchically controlled. Life always has a back-up plan; that’s how we evolve, change, adapt, and survive. Entrepreneurs are no different, they have a special role to play in the health of our economy, our people, and our planet. Each of which is affected by success and survival."

For Kari, it’s never been about surviving long enough to sell out to a big company, her mission has always been about creating a ‘living environment’ to support quick adaption, new emergent innovation, and ‘the valor’ that entrepreneurs need to re-imagine and re-invent the goods and services they offer; to reflect a world we all want to live in, one filled with health and harmony for all, not just a few.

And protecting that world begins with the smallest living thing – the pollinators – without them, life would perish, to our next generation – the children – who hold our future in their tiny hands

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