Using Business to Give Nature A Chance

woman standing in front of giant monarch wingsBusiness can be a force for good. I’ve always known this, and that’s part of why I’ve always been an entrepreneur. While disrupting one of the most toxic categories on the market today with the successful commercialization of a no-kill rodent control solution that met Federal EPA standards for both safety and efficacy, I continually see opportunities to create the change I want to see in our world.

Mother Nature is the hardest worker I know, but hard work alone doesn’t always succeed. Business has an opportunity to step in and support our ecosystem. Nature has given people everything we need to succeed while asking for nothing, but it has come at the cost of habitat loss, biodiversity decline, and more. When facing such a huge challenge, it helps to have support. That’s where the Harmony Hero initiative comes in; this idea was dreamed up by EarthKind employees and their families. At EarthKind, we know that every critter has a role to play, so we were heartbroken upon hearing about the monarch butterfly’s plight.

This is something our employees wanted to do as a company. Keeping nature in business keeps us in business. When you think about it, nature works (really hard) for us, pollinating our crops, aerating our soils, and decomposing our waste. And it all happens without most people’s knowledge. We wanted to find a way to support the eco-education heroes who teach our children about ecosystem health, and the monarch butterfly is the perfect icon!  Monarchs are strikingly bold while following their own inner compass with perseverance and precision.

What began on our shipping dock a couple of years ago has turned into something our team and customers feel really good about. And for good reason too! The monarch population that was on the brink of extinction due to loss of habitat, pesticides, and climate change has improved by a whopping 30%! Monarchs are now recognized as an endangered species, giving them additional support. An ecosystem of volunteers and citizen scientists across the country have all taken action to help create a world in harmony. Perhaps most notably, the incredible teachers nominated for the Harmony Hero Award, and Natural Habitat Adventures, who take travelers on a journey to see the monarch migration in the central highlands of Mexico each year. Support like this does more than just help the monarchs, it raises entire communities, truly creating a kinder earth for us all!

We appreciate each and everyone who is lending a helping hand!

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