This is My Year of Love & Appreciation

2023: My #YearOfLove.

As I started the new year, I realized that I had been unkind to myself. I know the reasons why, but I don’t want to focus on that. It hit me like a mouse caught in a sticky trap, suffering without a reason. I realized that this wasn’t an act of love, it was an inhumane choice I was making. So, here I am building a business to remove toxic and inhumane products from the market and replace them with kinder, more effective options, yet I am using toxic and inhumane actions on myself?!

After watching Gary V’s #1 piece of New Year advice to entrepreneurs and small businesses ‘be kind to yourself,’ I realized that I wasn’t alone in being unkind to myself. That’s why I’ve decided to make 2023 my #YEAROFLOVE.

I’ve updated my title to CEO and Chief Love Bug at EarthKind, a nickname my family and friends loved, as they know I’ve been 100% committed after my near-death experience in 1995 to building a business that’s a reflection of my heart, and through this business, building a kinder world that’s a reflection of all of our customer’s hearts! There is a lot of power behind love and kindness, it’s a force that can unite us all, ignite us all, and give form and shape to our heart’s intentions- ultimately creating the world we live in. Love is all there is, really, as a physicist or spiritualists like Buddha or Jesus will tell you. Wouldn’t you agree?

September 18, 2022: Dale Jr Foundation at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, TN (HHP/Jim Fluharty)

So, in 2023, I’ll be taking you on a “power of love” ride along, as similar as I can make it, to the ride along I experienced with Dale Jr. last fall at Bristol Speedway. Time literally slowed down (I felt like I was in the Matrix movie) the more G-force we experienced. On my second round, I experienced that power with all my senses, and it was life-giving! I wanted it to last forever. It felt like the moment my children were born, the moment I met Jim and a ring of fire encircled us.

My first thought afterward was that I wished everyone could feel that same feeling I had. The more I reflected, the more I was reminded that this feeling of power resides within us all – and we can activate it at any time when we take action. So, I’ll say it again: Love is a powerful force! In 2023 I wish for everyone to know it, be inspired by it, and harness the G-Force of it in your lives.

Let 2023 be a reflection of your heart’s intention!  Let’s go!

Kari, Chief Love Bug


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  1. Amanda

    Beautiful realization and commitment ❤️ I’m there with you!

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