Inventing a Better Version of You

Brain scientists say that we live in survival mode 95% of the time. We don’t realize it, but in this mode, we do the same things day after day, and react the same way, day after day. Repetition leads to stress, anxiety, and a whole slurry of bio-chemicals being released that are highly addictive, causing disease over time. 

The opposite of survival is creativity. Creativity is the place that we can retreat to, to re-invent our lives, invent a better future, or even invent a better mousetrap. 

Remarkably, scientists (and yogi’s, and religious texts) say that this 5% renewal of the mind will allow us to take control of the 95% in meaningful, magical and magnificent ways. When our minds renew, our personalities automatically become inventive in the process, and ordinary people can easily do extraordinary things. 

Reinventing myself as an inventor

Take me for instance. I was living in poverty, and rodent damage was something we definitely couldn’t afford. Every mouse incident (and there were many on the farm) was painful and would create a crisis for me. 

With my invention, Fresh Cab, I literally imagined what a world of protection from rodent damage in our tractor cabs would feel like, smell like, and look like. It wasn’t an effort as much as it was a surrender to the future I wanted to live in. 

During a recent interview on invention, the radio host told me that 1% of inventors make it to license and even less make it to market with their inventions. Here’s 3 steps I took to help me invent a better mousetrap: 

1. New personality = new personal reality.

To create a new future state (for anything) we must first detach from all association to those things that create our current state; like our looks, our car, the ideals of what we think life should be, the outcome we think we want.  If we start with that as context, thinking outside box can’t happen. 

It only takes a few second to reframe our thinking: Breathe slowly and deeply, and begin to think with your heart, instead of your mind, seeing yourself on a beach and feeling the warmth of the sun, hearing the birds in the beautiful sky. There’s pretty compelling evidence that our heart is the real brain in charge. Once I learned this, I saw the power of creating the world I wanted to live in by starting with my heart. 

Like Einstein said,” We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

2. Go from being selfish to selfless.

You simply can’t enter the creative space as a somebody; you must enter as a nobody. When you do this, the energy will move into your heart, and you’ll begin to fall in love with the process of creation. You’ll begin to unearth the vision of your life that you are here to create. This heart energy expands the magnetic field around us, literally changing our electromagnetic frequency, and rewriting our brains to form new habits that change us from survivors to creators. 

Most of us see problems, rather than learning opportunities. Once I began living in creator mode, I began to learn and grow moving toward my purpose in life. Trust me when I say I’d never have chosen rodent control as a profession! 

3. Make time to create new habits. 

This is the hardest part. We must go from thinking, to doing, to being, in order to make change. It’s got to happen with our whole selves and happen through the habits described above. 

Forming a new habit can take a few months, longer than 21 days some suggest, because the fast-paced world we live in has so many distractions. It’s harder now more than ever before for an inventor; with student debt at an all-time high, and a dwindling pool of resources to draw from.  Even so, taking one small step a day to opening your heart and mind to a new future for oneself is HUGE. And the best part is that it gives others permission to do the same. 

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