Why Creating A World of Protection is Important to Me

It’s been a big week, a big year, for many of us. And not in the usual ways. These are certainly unprecedented times with the current pandemic. 

Change is afoot, and it’s leaving many of us cherishing the value of our relationships, our personal health, and our soul’s desire to live in ways that truly fulfill us. I personally am wearing my pajamas as I write this, it’s noon, and I’m a-ok with that. You are likely in the same boat, am I right? 

As a serial entrepreneur, wife, and mom, having lived in dozens of places and having gone to 10 different schools during my childhood, I get it when change is thrust at me, without my opinion beforehand. I also get that change comes easier for me than most, simply because I’ve been through so much of it, and often traumatically. My father once told me that the only sure thing in life is death and taxes. As usual, he was right.

Recently I learned something truly pivotal from a doctor about our brains. Specifically, I began to understand why, while most others do, I don’t fear change. I was curious because I’d heard that there has been a 95% increase in anxiety and depression by business owners. I wasn’t feeling it, and neither were my employees based on the confidential surveys we’d done. The doctor told me something I’ll never forget; she said that my amygdala was vastly larger than other people’s, including long term business owners, and elite wartime soldiers. She explained that my compassionate desire for the safety of others gave me an innate ability to selflessly and successfully navigate change while protecting those around me. It’s like having an extra-sensory perception of risk so that I could protect myself, others, and our necessary resources.


That explained a lot! It helped explain why I risked everything I owned to develop and commercialize plant-based pesticides that work (really well) to protect people and property from disease and damage, protect me and others from getting ripped off, and protect our precious environment from toxic overload. Heck, I even developed our products ingredients to be grown on American farms to protect the income of farmers who have taken hit after hit for generations. 

Long story short, I’ve decided to spend more of my personal time going forward on education to build the kinder earth I envisioned 20 years ago. I’m calling this initiative ‘A World of Protection’ because well, I’ve learned during COVID19 (when I had the time to be curious) that this enhanced perception is a gift and being able to ‘see’ risk & danger before it happens empowers me to help protect the world. But I can’t do it alone. I’m recruiting teachers and leaders, all kinds of ‘em! University professors, entrepreneurs, social influencers, children, organizations, and other companies that care about the health and safety of others, saving money, and sharing natural wisdom that empowers us all to coexist with nature, and one another. Creating ‘safe spaces’ where we can each be one-of-a-kind, using our collective energy to focus on purpose, health, and empowerment, and to get around the status quo that’s been in our way for far too long. 

So, here you have it, family and friends. The next 20 years is gonna be a great journey, God willing! I am honored you have joined me thus far and thrilled at the thought of what’s next. 

To kick off the new World of Protection initiative, I hosted a “World of Protection” Facebook Live chat from my home to yours. I’ll be doing this weekly. Here, all are welcome to ask me pest prevention questions and anything you may want to know about creating a non-toxic home. 

I’m also publishing my first book this Fall through Conscious Capitalism Press for college-aged students. It’s the one textbook I wish I’d had at 19 when I started my business delivering balloon bouquets and singing telegrams. In the book, I’ll walk young entrepreneurs through how I built a profitable business that works in harmony with nature alongside a purpose-driven team. It’s just another way I’m creating “A World of Protection.” 

We are all in this together. We’re all innovators, changemakers, and entrepreneurs in our own right. Our world will not change for the better unless we participate in that change, and change begins at home…a toxin-free home where we are at our healthiest and best. For those of you who feel drawn to this initiative, please tune in – good things are coming! In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy, and keep it kind during this crazy time of change and uncertainty.



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