A Plan for Conscious Cooperation

Welcome to 2020! 


I’m beyond excited to start a new decade! I’m slowly wrapping my head, hands, and heart around what my next 20 years will look like. It’s a daunting task to look into the future, but once you’ve died and come back, like I have, life feels like a gift. We must make the most out of a gift this precious! The one thing I’ve learned over that last 20 years is that we become what we commit to, even when starting with nothing. 

I’m committing to becoming a conscious co-creator in this new era, where conscious, intentional change is needed more than ever.  Now is a time of major transformation, and we all have a part to play.

I’ll be raising the bar on my previous 20 years, where I took up the mantle of making myself into a change-agent, consciously working to create a more just and sustainable world for myself, my children, and our stakeholder families.  I became a regenerative farmer, an entrepreneur, an inventor, a policy advisor, and an educator for millions of consumers, helping them choose prevention vs poison/kill as their approach to pest control. 

Over the past 20 years, I’m happy to share that we (all stakeholders) contributed to moving the dial on each initiative; growing my company, EarthKind, into a national brand and fulfilling our mission of eliminating the need for reactive approaches from 98% to 90% of households nationwide. Personally, I’ve seized my second chance at life and lived it with joy and gratitude, while always appreciating this schoolroom created by our earth and Mother Nature. 

So, as I embark on my next 20 years; raising the bar yet again, I’ll be embodying an even bigger vision of opportunity for our stakeholders (people, planet, insects and animals) through co-creation and collaboration to drive healthy change. 

I’ll be creating climates for change that rethink and reframe our economic system, educational system, ecosystem, food system, and political system – all through the science and art of cooperation. I’m calling it ‘enlightened cooperation.’ It’s education at a higher level; one where everyone feels empowered and encouraged to co-create a more sustainable future together. 

I’ll be bringing my 20:20 vision to life in many ways. My first book that was written for the next generation of conscious entrepreneurs will be released in June this year. I’ll embark on a book tour focusing on our college students – after all, they are our hope for the future. I’ll be writing blogs and speaking with the most compassionate-change makers on this planet. These enlightened individuals are illuminating the path to opportunity for humankind to live work and play in an EarthKind way. Much like John Hancock (my 3x great uncle!) intended when he co-signed the Declaration of Independence, these change-makers will be the ones to re-balance and rebuild the systems required to truly uplift the human spirit to become co-creators in a collective future where all stakeholders benefit, not just a privileged few.

Lofty goals I know, but we have all been given a wake-up call and an opportunity to contribute to the future life and health of our home planet – a future where we can live and thrive in harmony. Let’s not forget that we are doing this not just for ourselves, but for our children. They deserve a better future, and a voice in what that might look like. EarthKind will be giving them a voice, and I’ll be sharing our new initiative with you soon.

So, join me in my mission of co-creation and collaboration to drive healthy change by subscribing to our EarthKind newsletter, sharing my posts and interviews, and when it’s released, reading and sharing my book for any enterprising souls that desire to turn their passion into purpose AND profit. 

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